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WHAT NEXT? – conference

rather than worry how will Brexit affect us,znaki
migrants living and working in the UK
join our free conference on
what next
to learn together about implications, alternatives,
contingency plans and capacity building action
for the fast changing post-referendum times

Invitation by
and BLAKE MORGAN Solicitors

Venue: Hotel ‘NOVOTEL’ 1 West Quay Road, SOUTHAMPTON 15 November 2016; Time: 17:45, registration, tea/coffee, 18:00 Opening of the conference

Keynote Speaker: Allan Briddock of Blake Morgan Solicitors, Immigration,
Free Movement and Nationality Team
Followed by: Question Time
and the meal together

To register, please send us a text ‘what next’ with your name to 07803591680
or email to info@sospolonia.net

Sunday, October 30th, 2016 at 5:54 pm  |  News