Accountant in Farnham

WHAT NEXT? – conference

WHAT NEXT? rather than worry how will Brexit affect us, migrants living and working in the UK join our free conference on what next to learn together about implications, alternatives, contingency plan  ... Read more

SOS Polonia and BL Claims Solicitors support worker made ill by flour dust

Marcin Kurzawski impressed bosses at the bakery where he worked so much that he steadily rose through the ranks into a management role. But he didn’t know that because of health and safety failures in his workplace, the jo ... read more

Poles always welcome

Theresa May is to be congratulated for her stance in wanting the 800,000 Polish immigrants in the UK to stay. Unlike some, the Poles have proved to be a valuable asset to this country. Living in Peterborough, a city renowned ... read more

What next?

Dear SOS Polonia Clients and Friends, All these years were like creating, chapter by chapter of an amazing book we all write together – a saga of achievement and surviving in the UK, our adopted home. And most importantly & ... read more

Solicitor – Leszek Werenowski

I am a solicitor and higher rights advocate; I am also a qualified mediator.  I was born in the UK to Polish parents. I have been a solicitor for 26 years and have litigated over thousands of cases. I offer experienc ... read more

Kinga and Tomasz – Polish foster carers

Kinga and Tomasz do what no other Polish family do in Southampton; they foster. We spoke to them about why they decided to contact Southampton City Council’s fostering service early in 2015. Kinga recalls, ‘Opening our ho ... read more

Polish Consulate Open Days

The Polish Consulate from London will hold 2 open days on Friday 26th  and on Saturday 27th of February 2016 in our drop-in-centre S.O.S. Polonia in Southampton. SOS POLONIA TEAM ... read more