Our staff


Centre manager
In Hungarian: Minden rosszban van valami jó – in Polish: There is no bad thing that would not work out for good. I also have a version of this saying – there is no situation without problems, problems are to overcome, mistakes to make repairs, caused harms should be made redress. I am an optimist, I enjoy daily life, and in it meetings with people. I meet many of them on my way. I often hear stories of their lives. They flow through me like a colorful story, they fall in my heart: mistakes made, wrongs, endless problems, family dramas, sometimes tragedies. Where is the place for optimism? I like answering difficult questions. I’m optimistic because I have Hope. Hope gives me a new daily dose of energy to act and solve even the most tangled “Gordian knots”. Thanks to Hope, I am sure that from every fall you can be lifted, and the evils that appear in life are not only to be overcome, but ultimately strengthened and tempered. In SOS Polonia I am so that evil always comes out good.


Deputy manager
Happy, quiet life – the perfect state that I try every day to achieve. And still so 100 per cent can not get it! Daily life makes sure that we are not too easy with this cherished life. So it always happens that we are missing something. It’s hard, I accept it as a challenge … The more I miss something, the more I try to do it. I even noticed that my daily efforts need not be a nuisance at all. In the end it is a way to happiness.
Likewise, I treat my job in SOS Polonia. I want to help people on their way to a peaceful, happy life. Even if there is a lot to fix, you may need to step back a few steps – never be discouraged or resigned. I have noticed that some people in advance write down their peaceful happy lives at a loss because they live in England, emigrate, experience many barriers, do not understand English and feel unreasonable. I am a Slav with blood and bones, my Czech, Slovak and Polish blood flows in my veins. I have been living in the UK for many years and am the happiest wife of my English husband. Thanks to this, I know how different we are because of their origin, but I also experience how little they need to build over these differences to build bridges. You need to believe in yourself, courage, and sometimes it’s worth it to just take the first step. That’s what I would like to pass on to the people I help.


Project worker
There is no hole in the sky – I do not remember where it came from and when I used to say that. On the other hand, I know one thing every day, it gives me more comfort, more than three deep words to relieve stress when it comes to dealing with difficult matters. Sky – I associate myself with unlimited goodness, love, joy. And maybe that’s why I stick to it in my day-to-day work, and the thought of it gives me confidence and strength to help in difficult human affairs. The sky has never failed me, I bet everyone that brave questioning, stubborn looking for solutions will not pierce heaven, over none of us. With this assurance that we do not do a hole in the sky I do a little in spite of all those who like to scare myself and others; “There are no miracles, it will not work.” And in miracle I just believe …… 
It was in my life that I was curious about people since my early years. You can even say that I always pushed between people, and I was sure I was there where something happened. People talk about me being a “Social Animal”. Do I insult myself? Where, on the contrary! I will say more, sometimes I’m pretty predatory Animal. I’m a dagger when weaker, helplessly hurt. I really can hunt for the right reasons. But whoever does not, do not be afraid. On a daily basis I am a gentle lamb ….


Project worker
In Southampton I found my destination port. Only here, looking from a distance, also geographically, for the past years I realised that I had led the life of a wanderer. Is it something bad? No, on the contrary. If not for my wanderings, how would I know so much about the world, how would I meet so many wonderful people, from whom I have experienced so many good times? The experience of wandering is simply the experience of life, the way it is. One day you seem to be able to move mountains, another you think it’s too much and you’re not up to it. But step by step, you go further and enjoy the horizon in front of you, with pride (generally) you are looking at miles travelled. My hike taught me that obstacles are to overcome them, to challenge them courageously with hope. My desire is to share experiences and to accompany people who, for various reasons, are experiencing difficulties and perhaps even lost hope.
As a seasoned wanderer, I know that my meeting with SOS Polonia was not accidental. This meeting is a bit like love at first sight. Charisma and commendable action – as short as possible, I can describe the Organisation, with which I have recently been able to cooperate.


Project worker
I like strong, hot coffee. With a hint of milk and honey. Such coffee gives me the energy and taste to start the day. Each day has its own rhythm measured in steps. Like dancing. Dancing, it’s my element. It gives me a feeling of freedom and joy. But dance also requires discipline. Steps must match the music. This is the big responsibility of the dancer – do not confuse the steps, do not lose the rhythm. It is the same in life. Go through dance life, with a good partner, in a good band, rhythmically, responsibly. How simple it is …..
I know it’s different. There are cases, events, and sometimes people who precipitate us from the rhythm, sometimes happens for many years. Then what. Well, when there is someone who will definitely give us a hand and take steps, give a rhythm, will lead. This art is no stranger to me. So can I invite you to dance ….?


Project worker
My big dream is to set up a happy family. I, as wife, mother – this is my life adventure, which I am waiting for. What a dream this girl has today! – someone could say. And where is career, travel, stylish life …? In my plans is also a place for a career, I like traveling, and I promise that I will be stylishly connecting time for the family with work. I forgot to add that my future work has already been chosen – I will be a clinical psychologist. I have the ability, though I prefer to call it a gift, listen and understand others. Now I’m learning how to use this gift in the best possible way.
The work of SOS Polonia convinces me that it is worthwhile to explore the secrets of the art of understanding others. You need to listen to people in a way that makes them want to talk to you, and talk to them in way that makes them want to listen – this is a principle I heard from Barbara Storey, who invited me to cooperate in the voluntary service of SOS Polonia. And I have to admit that working at SOS was for me like a jump to deep water. My work requires efficiency in finding information, relevant regulations, and people who can help solve the problem. The problems that our clients are facing need to be resolved with determination and sensitivity at the same time. It is my job to do the right thing, but it is equally important for me that people, often lonely, rejected can count on our kind support and believe that not everything is lost. Kindness and smile can do miracles ….


English teacher
It will be good – it’s true that I keep saying that and moreover, I believe in it. Probably because I’m happy in my life. What does happiness mean to me? I feel happy with my loved ones, luck gives me a job, a lot of work. For happiness I need hope, freedom, the right to choose. All my happiness gives me great energy that can not be locked in me. So I do not shut up. There were times when I was lucky, hope, energy. That is why I understand very well that many people believe that it will be a good distant light. I meet these people every day. Their experiences, the problems they have taken often without knowing English are like thick fog. In such a fog is difficult to find, difficult to choose the right path. This fog is no stranger to me. In my life I have experienced how difficult it is to move in the fog, but also how useful a hand is.
I teach English at SOS Polonia. This is my way to disperse the fog …. I try to keep my pupils from treating these lessons as badly needed. I am not confined only to handing them a set of vocabulary and grammar rules. I really want them to have the courage to listen, talk, meet their British neighbours, coworkers so they are not afraid to show kindness anywhere and want to smile “in English” to people in the street in the shop. This is the key to understanding the places they have chosen for themselves and their families.


Canis lupus familiaris
It may surprise you, but I work here too! Like everyone in this office, I’m an immigrant. My owner brought me from Poland. I was very upset when she left. But she came back for me. I knew she would not leave me. She would not do this to an old dog. I value loyalty in people. That is why I like my work at SOS Polonia.
My presence here introduces a soothing sense of security and friendliness. People come to us with difficult matters, they are often anxious, worried and upset. I feel it and I understand it. Sometimes I wag my tail, lie down at the feet of someone who is sad and lonely. People smile at me. Often someone pets me, and as it is known, it triggers the hormones of happiness. In a dog and in a human.
In front of our office is a beautiful park, flowers, greenery and benches. Perhaps it is so beautiful because my lady is here with me. I would like to tell all immigrants: a home can be wherever there is love, faithfulness and loyalty.
It’s good to be together. I give you the word of an experienced immigrant dog – woof, woof!