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Poles always welcome

Theresa May is to be congratulated for her stance in wanting the 800,000 Polish immigrants in the UK to stay. Unlike some, the Poles have proved to be a valuable asset to this country.

Living in Peterborough, a city renowned for its Polish population, all I see are people going out of their way to work and make a better life for themselves in this country.

young Poles walk into town at 6am to be first in the queue at employment centres for menial agricultural work. They walk past house after house with the closed curtains of our own indigenous youngsters, too idle to get out of bed.

These people stood side by side with Britain during World War II to fight against the Nazi war machine.

Their enthusiasm for work reflects the type of immigration that is so desperately needed in this country. If new arrivals are prepared to work, then they should be encouraged and suitably rewarded.

NEIL FRANKLIN, Yaxley, Cambs.

Daily mail, 4/08/2016


Friday, August 5th, 2016 at 4:32 pm  |  News