SOS Polonia Workshops – Orientation Sessions are held on a daily basis during our Drop-in Centre opening hours (Monday – Friday: 9 am–4 pm, Saturday: 10 am-2 pm).LOGO

Orientation Sessions

The sessions focus on 4 major topics: SAFETY AND SECURITY, EMPLOYMENT, HEALTH, and BILINGUALISM. Within the scope of each topic, we are helping migrants to better integrate into the UK, in particular dealing and coping with day to day life and work.

Our sessions focus on the following matters: housing (problems with landlords, tenancy agreements), accidents (accidents at work, and personal events), debts, fraud, problems with utility providers (telephone, broadband, water, gas, electricity providers), liaising with various institutions (City Council, Job Centre, HM Revenue, Schools), active job search, health advice (prevention, interventions, promotion of healthy lifestyle), bilingualism (raising bilingual children). Team2


In addition, our organisation runs English classes at different levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced. Good language skills are migrants’ essential key to success, to finding a better job and integrating socially within the local community.

The aim of our workshops is to equip migrants (Polish, Hungarian, Slovakian, Lithuanian, Russian, Roma community, and other EU migrants) with the knowledge they need living in a foreign country in order to become contributing members of society. Gaining necessary knowledge concerning the British law and system will give them more self-esteem and with time they will become less anxious and worried about dealing with everyday problems and formalities on their own, such as visiting their GP, attending parent’s evenings or visiting local authorities regarding administrative matters.

The sessions are run by our specialists:

Orsi Schaffler (Languages: Polish, Hungarian, English), Nika Davis (Languages: English, Czech, Polish), Izabela Wiśniewska (Languages: Polish, English, Russian)  Kornelia Ferenc (Languages: Polish, English).

We are looking forward to welcoming you!




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