“In England the term is currently used to refer to pupils who live in two languages, who have access to, or need to use, two or more languages at home and at school. It does not mean that they have fluency in both languages or that they are competent and literate in both languages”, Deryn Hall, Assessing the needs of bilingual pupils, pg 5.LOGO

Migration experiences – teenagers

Your child and the school attendance

1. Children who attend school regularly benefit in the short and long term. They stay on top of their education and learn how to get on with people better. 

2. As a parent you have a legal responsibility to make sure your child gets a full-time education between the ages of 5 and 16. This means registering a child with a school and making sure they attend regularly.

3. You can be fined up to £ 2,500 or imprisoned if your child has a poor attendance record.

4. If your child is behaving badly at school, unless formally excluded they must still attend. It is against the law to keep your child away, even if the teachers suggest it.

5. If you have problems, your child’s school and your local authority can help you get your child back into school.

6. There will be times when your child cannot go to school: for example, if they are ill. But taking time off for holidays and birthdays is not acceptable. DANIEL

7. Taking an active interest in your child education and letting them know that you are not happy if they do not go to school will make them less likely to bunk off occasionally or play truant for longer periods.

8. If your child won’t go to school and you are struggling to deal with it, help is available from their school or local authority.

The quoted text comes from EMTAS Hampshire Ethnic Minority Achievement Service and


Want to find out more?

Bilingual Family:

Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) – Independent, practical and legal advice on schooling issues; Helpline 0808 8005793 (2pm – 5pm, weekdays),

Childline – free confidential helpline for children; Helpline 0800 1111

Parentline Plus – free, 24-hour confidential helpline for parents; Helpline 0808 800 2222,


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